Backup and restore [ELEMNT]

This feature will allow you to restore all configuration and settings from a previous ELEMNT computer or from an earlier configuration of the same computer after a factory reset. 

Both computers must be registered to the same Wahoo account.



  • All ELEMNT GPS bike computers


  • iOS/Android Companion App 1.62.0+
  • ELEMNT Firmware: 15323+


How does ELEMNT Backup and Restore work:

A backup of your ELEMNT computer's configuration will be periodically sent to the Wahoo Cloud. A backup is triggered whenever you make changes to the settings (including pages and data fields) on your ELEMNT and then start a workout. You can restore from a list of backup files either from the bottom of the Settings page in the ELEMNT companion app or when going through the onboarding wizard after pairing a new computer to the app. This feature works across models so an original BOLT user upgrading to a new ROAM will be able to get the same configuration on their new computer. Backups include essentially any user configurable data (pages, sensors, routes, workouts), with the exception of WiFi networks/passwords for security reasons. 


restorefrombackup_-_1.png restorefrombackup_-_2.png

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