Monthly Challenges


What are Monthly Challenges?

Everyone needs a goal, whether it is big or small! Monthly Challenges are designed to give you small, achievable goals to get you moving, both on and off the bike.

Look out for a new challenge to complete every month on the Wahoo SYSTM app!

How Do I Earn The Badge?

Each month we will list the workouts required to achieve the Monthly Challenge badge,  and add it to your collection in the achievements section of your SYSTM account. Please note, these workouts will only count when completed on SYSTM, unfortunately, we cannot include magic roads at this time.

This page will be updated regularly to let you know the specific workouts required to achieve the current monthly badge.  You can incorporate the workouts into your plan on the days that suit you throughout the month.

Look out for the announcement on the SYSTM homepage which will provide more information about each Monthly Challenge.

If you are following a regular training plan, here are some tips to incorporate or swap out the Monthly Challenge workouts into your training plan:

  • Find an activity with a similar Duration, TSS and IF. You can also be more specific by looking at the 4DP focus of the workout and try to replace a workout with the same focus.
  • Add the Monthly Challenge workout to your preferred date on your calendar.
  • Remove your training plan workout from that date (after you add the new one).

March Challenge


Celebrating Women’s History Month

This month we are celebrating women’s history month and have a challenge with some of our best women’s content highlighting incredible stories in the sport of cycling. Learn more about some of Wahoo’s female athletes.

To find out more, check out these links to our Knowledge podcast episodes:

When can I complete this challenge?

Anytime in March

Workouts for the March Challenge:

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