ELEMNT Public Route Sharing

Compatibility: All ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers
Requirements: iOS/Android Companion App 1.62.0+
Date Available: 10/31/22

What is Public Route Sharing?

ELEMNT users can now share routes with nearby (<2km) friends and ride participants, directly from the ELEMNT companion app, without needing to text or email a ride file. This feature is ideal for group riders or event leaders - anyone nearby can load a shared route without the need for the file to be sent individually to every rider.

Note: Sharing a route publicly will provide access to that route to any ELEMNT user within 2km. In order to share a route privately, see ELEMNT Route Sharing

How do I share a route?

  • Navigate to the 'Workout' tab in the ELEMNT companion app
  • Select 'Routes' (iOS) or 'Choose a route' (Android)
  • Select your chosen route.
  • In the top right corner of the 'Route Detail' page, you will see a share icon. Tap it!
  • Choose 'Share as public route',
  • Select your preferred share period: 1 hour or End of day (12am local time) and 'Share Route'.




publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_1_-_routesW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_1_-_routesW.png
publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_2_-_routeselectedW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_2_-_routeselectedW.png
publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_3_-_shareaspublicrouteW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_3_-_shareaspublicrouteW.png
publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_4_-_selectdurationW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_4_-_selectdurationW.png


How do I import a shared route?

  • Navigate to the 'Workout tab' in the ELEMNT companion app.
  • Select 'Routes'.
  • Select 'Public Routes'.
  • A sortable list of available 'Nearby Public Routes' will appear - tap on the desired route and select it.
  • The route will then be synced to your computer via Bluetooth. Depending on route size, this may take a few minutes.



publicroutereceive_-_iOS_-_1_-_routesW.png publicroutereceive_-_Android_-_1_-_routesW.png
publicroutereceive_-_iOS_-_2_-_publicroutesW.png publicroutereceive_-_Android_-_2_-_publicroutesW.png