Teleporting in the Wahoo RGT App

The Teleport feature will allow you to instantly join another rider who is further away on the road without using power. This feature will help users who start a ride late or stop on the side of the road before continuing their ride.

Can I Teleport on All RGT Rides?

The Teleport feature is only available for Just Ride Roads and Group Rides.  You will not be able to use the Teleport feature in any RGT Races or Challenges

How to Enable Teleporting

You can teleport by clicking on a name in the Riders List and then clicking on the teleport button. You will be instantly teleported beside the selected rider.

(When you're on a Group Ride, you will not be able to select users from the Riders List - instead, please use the up/down arrow to navigate through the list.)

Here's a screenshot of what you'll see when using the Teleport Feature:


  1. Riders List (Just Ride Roads)
    • Select and click on a rider to whom you'd like to teleport.
  1. Rider Selection

    • The UP and DOWN buttons can be clicked to select and scroll through the list of riders available.

  2. Reset

    • The Reset button resets the view back to your own avatar (home).

  3. Teleport

    • The teleport button instantly teleports you beside the selected rider.


Notables When Teleporting

Teleporting can sometimes cause the maximum speed  for the ride to be higher than expected.  If the target rider's speed is significantly faster, the teleport feature will momentarily try to match that speed, causing the higher recorded metric.

Overall distance will not reflect the distance over which you teleport.  This may affect your lap counter on a ride that includes multiple laps. The laps in which you use the teleport feature may not register sufficient distance completed for these laps to be counted in the lap tracker, so your "lap counter" may not reflect each lap.

Using teleport in any ride does change the remaining distance. If you teleport to a rider ahead, closer to the finish line, the remaining distance will decrease. Similarly, teleporting backward will increase the remaining distance.


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