Redeeming a Wahoo X Subscription Coupon


Congratulations on your coupon for a complimentary subscription to Wahoo X.  Please follow these steps to set up your account and complimentary subscription. Once completed, you'll have premium access to Wahoo SYSTM.

Please DO NOT use a mobile device to set up your subscription. If you do not have a desktop or laptop device available, please use a web browser on your mobile device. DO NOT SET UP YOUR SUBSCRIPTION FROM WITHIN SYSTM (in-app setup will prompt a paid subscription, rather than complimentary).



If you have never set up a Wahoo Account with your email address, you will need to create a new account by following the steps below.  If you already have a Wahoo Account associated with your email address, please skip to the next section titled "EXISTING ACCOUNT".


Step 1 - In your web browser, please go to "" and click “Sign Up”



Step 2Add your details, opt into terms and conditions and click “Sign Up”


Step 3 - Add your details and click “Done” 


Step 4-  When the next page loads activate your free trial 


Step 5 -  Once your trial is activated, please click “add” to add your coupon code


Step 6 -  Add the coupon code you were provided!

Your complimentary subscription is now set up! Please download your Wahoo SYSTM app from and login to get started. 




If you have a current subscription with Google Play or Apple, you will need to cancel your subscription BEFORE you apply the coupon to your account.  Please cancel your subscription via Google Play or Apple and cancel the subscription before following the steps below:


Step 1 - In your web browser, please go to "" and click “Log In” and  login with the email address and password associated with your Wahoo account. 

Step 2- If you are prompted, please accept any terms and conditions associated with your account


Step 3 - If you are prompted to activate your free trial, please jump to Step 5 in the New Accounts section, activate your trial and then follow the remaining steps.  If you are not prompted to activate a free trial, please skip to Step 6 in the New Accounts section and follow the remaining steps.

If you have any questions - please submit a support ticket.

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