KICKR BIKE v2 Firmware Updates

This page contains firmware update notes for the KICKR BIKE v2 featuring WiFi connectivity and Direct Connect.

Firmware installation is automatic when connected to a compatible WiFi network.



KICKR BIKE Firmware v2.0.5 / Wi-Fi 1.0.10 - 31 January, 2023


KICKR BIKE Firmware v2.0.3 / WiFi 1.0.8 - 20 September, 2022

  • Initial release
  • Wi-Fi and Direct Connect network connectivity
  • Wi-Fi and Direct Connect motion data and trainer control
  • BLE motion data and trainer control
  • ANT+ PWR
  • ANT+ FEC
  • Automatic Wi-Fi firmware updates
  • ERG mode easy ramp
  • Odometer