Wahoo Public Beta Features

When they asked if it could be done, we didn't stop until we made it good enough to show off. Introducing Wahoo Public Beta features - new features as soon as they're ready to try, designed to get even more out of your existing hardware.

Public beta features are developed and tested as normal, but still have additional development planned before accomplishing our full vision. You can now benefit from our progress and provide additional feedback that shapes our continued work. Note that features in public beta may be substantially added to, adjusted, or removed as we progress. We value your feedback and invite you to contact us through our support channel.


To opt-out of a public beta feature, simply toggle it off in the app settings.


We appreciate your feedback and the support of the Wahooligan community!


Features currently in public beta:

  • ELEMNT RIVAL Sleep Tracking
    Toggle off from the ELEMNT App from the Settings tab > My 24/7 Data

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