SYSTM Activity Saving on Mobile Apps - Troubleshooting


The memory available on mobile devices can potentially impact activity saving and syncing to the SYSTM servers. If the local device does not have sufficient memory, activities may not save properly (they may not save at all, or only a portion of the activity will save). 

Prior to starting each workout on mobile devices, the SYSTM app will complete a check to ensure that you have at least 500MB of device storage available. This amount of available space is required to properly complete and save activities.  

If your device does not have at least 500 MB of local storage space, the warning message below will appear.  If you see this warning message, you will need to free up some space on your device in order to properly save the activity. If you do not want to save the workout, you may click “Start Anyway”.  



Please see the links below on how to review device storage space: 

iOS -

Android -


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