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This page contains current and historical release notes for the RGT App and RGT Remote App for all platforms.

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RGT Release Notes

August 16, 2023

Android - 2023.08.14
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.08.14
AppleTV - 2023.08.14
MacOS - 2023.08.14
Windows - 2023.08.14

  • Fixed: power history graph not visible
  • Improvements for optimization and stability

July 31, 2023

Android - 2023.07.20
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.07.20
AppleTV - 2023.07.20
MacOS - 2023.07.20
Windows - 2023.07.20

  • Added: an option to toggle workout auto pause when power input is 0
  • Fixed: an issue selecting newly opened menus on AppleTV
  • Fixed: discrepancy between name tag and rider list power band color
  • Fixed: workout did not start if the interface toggle is OFF
  • Fixed: stuttering visuals in rides with multiple users connected to voice chat
  • Improvements for optimization and stability

Android - REMOTE APP - 2023.07.20
iOS - REMOTE APP - 2023.07.20

  • Improvements for optimization and stability

June 21, 2023

Android - 2023.06.19
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.06.19
AppleTV - 2023.06.19
MacOS - 2023.06.19
Windows - 2023.06.19

  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

May 30, 2023

Android - 2023.05.23
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.05.23
AppleTV - 2023.05.23
MacOS - 2023.05.23
Windows - 2023.05.23

  • New Feature: 4 Dimension Power profile sync or estimation in RGT
  • New Feature: Access to all SYSTM workouts in RGT
  • New Feature: SYSTM calendar sync to and from RGT
  • Added: New real road – Dunoon Seafront Circuit
  • Added: support for ROLLR BLE connection
  • Fixed: frame rate dropping when connected to voice chat in events with large number of riders
  • Fixed: users could not use the Remote app to navigate to the Show Steering switch
  • Fixed: a bug with TrainingPeaks calendar sync
  • Fixed: a bug with slope markers not showing up in certain situations

Android - REMOTE APP - 2023.05.23
iOS - REMOTE APP - 2023.05.23

  • Added support for ROLLR BLE connection

April 25, 2023

Android - 2023.04.19
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.04.19
AppleTV - 2023.04.19
MacOS - 2023.04.19
Windows - 2023.04.19

  • New Feature:  Pacer Bots on Real Roads
  • New Feature: Ride together capability on Real Roads
  • New Feature: Workouts can now be selected and started during a ride
  • New Feature: Auto avoidance controls in ride
  • New Feature: Lapped rider status is displayed in nametag and rider list during races only
  • New Feature: Event organizers/moderators are able to mute other riders
  • Improved: all in-ride camera views
  • Changed: Trainer difficulty default is now set at 50%
  • Changed: Rider list updated to separate bots vs real riders
  • Added: Elite Sterzo Smart compatibility for steering
  • Fixed: A bug that was turning off voice chat when toggling certain UI toggles
  • Fixed: A bug with elevation graph/profile detail (increased detail of slope profile such that short elevation spikes are displayed correctly)
  • Fixed: inability to change camera view after an event ends
  • Fixed: keyboard issue on long press for steering
  • Fixed: inactive rider transparency
  • Fixed: clouds (dome) rendering

Android - 2023.04.19

  • Fixed: tilt steering freezing on certain devices

MacOS - 2023.04.19

  • Fixed: Intel based Mac(s) screen freezing during ride

Android - REMOTE APP - 2023.04.19
iOS - REMOTE APP - 2023.04.19

  • NEW FEATURE: New Auto avoidance controls

Android - REMOTE APP - 2023.04.19

  • Fixed: tilt steering freezing on certain devices

March 8, 2023

Android - 2023.03.01
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.03.01
AppleTV - 2023.03.01
MacOS - 2023.03.01
Windows - 2023.03.01

  • Added: Equipment unlocks. You can now unlock more bikes, kits, and other accessories to your inventory by joining certain rides.

    Wahoo is proud to partner with two of the most exciting teams in the Pro peloton: EF Education–EasyPost and their sister squad, women's World Tour team EF Education–Tibco–SVB. In March and April, they are bringing the EF teams to Wahoo RGT for social rides, where amazing unlocks can be obtained only by joining these events. The first ride will take place on March 10th.


February 15, 2023

Android - 2023.02.09
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.02.09
AppleTV - 2023.02.09
MacOS - 2023.02.09
Windows - 2023.02.09

  • Added: New Feature -- Integration of KICKR Race Mode (allowing power readings up to 10x per second when using KICKR v5+ via Direct Connect or v6 via Wi-Fi).
  • Fixed: in-ride menu navigation issue when steering and using the Wahoo RGT Remote simultaneously
  • Fixed: an issue with power showing as red when auto-braking was applied in corners

Android - REMOTE APP - 2023.02.09
iOS - REMOTE APP - 2023.02.09

  • Fixed: a layout issue in the shortcuts menu when in landscape mode
  • Fixed: a chat menu text-entry field issue


February 7, 2023

Android - 2023.01.26
iOS/iPadOS - 2023.01.26
AppleTV - 2023.01.26
MacOS - 2023.01.26
Windows - 2023.01.26

  • Added: New Feature -- Steering user interface
  • Added: ghost mode for stopped/inactive riders, allowing immediate pass-through
  • Added: gyro/accelerometer based steering on mobile and tablet
  • Added: a “now watching” indicator when spectating another rider
  • Added: on-the-road elevation markers
  • Changed: smoothed avatar movement
  • Changed: how drafting is  displayed
  • Changed: the top view map and added two new map visualization modes
  • Changed: elevation map and rider design
  • Optimized: 3D object surfaces in Leuven
  • Fixed: a netcode issue preventing proper reconnection when disconnecting Wi-Fi
  • Fixed: a bug causing a Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) crash on Android devices
  • Fixed: a bug preventing interaction on AppleTV after teleporting
  • Strava image auto uploads now hides UI elements

Android - REMOTE APP - 2023.01.27
iOS - REMOTE APP - 2023.01.27

  • Added: steering user interface
  • Added: gyro/accelerometer based steering
  • Added: toggle to flip remote to landscape view
  • Fixed: overall stability improvements and optimizations


December 1, 2022

Android - 2022.12.01

  • Fixed: a Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) permission issue

November 30, 2022

Android - 2022.11.21
iOS/iPadOS - 2022.11.21
AppleTV - 2022.11.21
MacOS - 2022.11.21
Windows - 2022.11.21

  • Fixed: a bug where assets, usually leaves, covered the segment results display
  • Fixed: a bug that affected weight displayed when switching between Metric and Imperial
  • Fixed: the turning animation when switching to reverse lane on Real Roads or teleporting

November 8, 2022

Android - REMOTE APP - 2022.11.04

iOS - REMOTE App - 2022.11.04

  • Fixed: An issue with slope not changing using Remote Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) sensors

October 28, 2022

AppleTV - 2022.10.27

  • Fixed: Remote getting stuck after teleporting

October 25, 2022,

Android - 2022.10.20
iOS/iPadOS - 2022.10.20
MacOS - 2022.10.20
Windows - 2022.10.20
AppleTV  - 2022.10.20

  • Added: An in-ride Radio for voice chat with all users in Group Rides
  • Added: An in-ride Radio for voice chat with nearby users (40m) in Races and Just Rides
  • Added: An in-ride Radio for Custom voice chat channels in any type of ride
  • Added: An in-ride Radio for one-way guests talks (Race Radio Channel)
  • Added: A new road, Dunoon Crossover, with varying width and three surface types
  • Added: Two new bike skins (no physics impact): one MTB (WahooX XCross) and one gravel (WahooX Gravl)
  • Added: Teleporting to another rider during Group Rides and Just Rides
  • Added: A Community Road section on the home screen.
  • Updated: The rules for joining a Group Ride late: users will now "inherit" the remaining distance from the rider they join next to.

Android - REMOTE APP - 2022.10.20
iOS - REMOTE APP - 2022.10.21

  • Added: An in-ride Radio for voice chat with all users in Group Rides
  • Added: An in-ride Radio for voice chat with nearby users (40m) in Races and Just Rides
  • Added: An in-ride Radio for Custom voice chat channels in any type of ride
  • Added: An in-ride Radio for one-way guests talks (Race Radio Channel)


October 11, 2022

Android 2022.09.30

  • Added: Support for Wahoo Kickr Dircon
  • Fixed: An issue causing the app to crash during a long workout

iOS/iPadOS 2022.10.03
MacOS 2022.09.30
Windows 2022.09.30
AppleTV 2022.10.03

  • Updated: Antialiasing settings for better visuals
  • Updated: Icons that indicate riders are part of the "Ride Together" (Rubberband) group
  • Updated: shorter code format for the event codes to improve usability
  • Updated: General network optimizations and stability improvements
  • Updated: Allow upper case characters in username
  • Fixed: Wahoo KICKR Dircon would disconnections
  • Fixed: An issue causing the app to crash during a long workout
  • Fixed: Added seconds to ride duration for activities in Ride history.
  • Fixed: km/h unit cropped on the 'End ride' screen


September 13, 2022

Feature Release - all current app versions (no app update required)

  • Group Rides will no longer be visible in the Events section (in app) if they have started more than 25 mins ago
  • the rider count for Just Ride section and pages will only display human riders

July 13, 2022

Android OS - App Version 2022.07.13 

  • fixed an issue causing an app crash on some select GPU's
  • fixed a permission popup issue on first launch

Mac OS - App Version 2022.07.12

  • improved BLE connectivity when the Wahoo RGT app is in windowed mode

July 6, 2022

Windows/AppleTV/iOS/Android - App Version 2022.06.29

  • Improved the user experience for bug reporting - Fixed an issue causing some users to suddenly stop shortly after the start of a new ride

Windows/MacOS - App Version 2022.06.29

  • Fixed an issue causing power spikes when connecting over ANT to power meters

All OS - App Version 2022.06.29

  • Improved and optimized overall 3D graphics
  • Enhanced Road Road textures and 3D objects
  • Improved BLE cadence response when rider power suddenly drops to zero
  • Fixed an issue with roadside flickering on Durango
  • Fixed an issue with puddles outside of road boundaries on Spring in Europe Magic Road Theme
  • Memory optimizations to prevent crashes on low-memory devices
  • Fixed distance markers on Pienza - Overall stability improvements


Wahoo RGT Remote (iOS) - 30 April, 2022

  • New icon and app name


Wahoo RGT Remote (Android) - 22 April, 2022

  • New icon and app name


Wahoo RGT (iOS / iPadOS / Apple TV) - 30 April, 2022

  • New icon and app name


Wahoo RGT - (Mac OS) - 10 May, 2022

  • Renamed the "feedback" option to "help" in the menu
  • Added support links to the help pop-up
  • Changed "send feedback" to "submit bug report"
  • Changed user journey to access the bug reporting form
  • Fixed and issue causing some users to suddenly stop shortly after the start of a new ride


Wahoo RGT - (Android, Windows) - 22 April, 2022

  • .fit files saved from workouts now include lap data
  • Fixed an issue with navigation when browsing scheduled workouts
  • Fixed an issue when accessing events with weblinks in the app event search
  • Fixed an issue with Virtual Power and incorrect wheel sizes
  • Fixed an issue where live Training Stress Score metric would stop at 100
  • Improved and optimized performance to enable an increase in concurrent riders
  • Zoomed in on the profile in the top right elevation graph
  • Fixed an issue where Windows and Mac Bluetooth auto-scan would only work when the sensor menu was open
  • Fixed a display issue with the top-down map view on Borrego Springs
  • Overall stability improvements and polish

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