ELEMNT Route Sharing

With your ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM actively connected to the ELEMNT companion app and a live data connection, you can share a route you have in Routes list either individually through your phone's email or messaging apps, or broadcast it publicly through the ELEMNT app to other ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM users.


All ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers


iOS/Android Companion App 1.62.0+

Individual Sharing

Sharing a route individually exports a route file from the ELEMNT companion app to your phone's messaging or email app of choice.  

Sharing the route

  • Navigate to the Workout tab in the ELEMNT companion app.
  • Select View Routes.
  • Select your chosen route.
  • In the top right corner of the Route Detail page, you will see a Share button. Click it!
  • Choose the app or service you want to use to share the route.
  • Send it!

Importing a shared route

  • Select the file that was shared with you.
  • Select the ELEMNT companion app to open the file
  • Save the route!



mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Public Sharing

Sharing a route publicly broadcasts the selected route via the ELEMNT companion app to any ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM users ELEMNT companion app within 2km. This feature is ideal for group riders or event leaders - anyone nearby can load a shared route without the need for the file to be sent individually to every rider.

Note: Sharing a route publicly will provide access to that route to any ELEMNT user within 2km. In order to share a route privately, see Individual Sharing above.=

Sharing a route

  • Navigate to the 'Workout' tab in the ELEMNT companion app
  • Select 'Routes' (iOS) or 'Choose a route' (Android)
  • Select your chosen route.
  • In the top right corner of the 'Route Detail' page, you will see a share icon. Tap it!
  • Choose 'Share as public route',
  • Select your preferred share period: 1 hour or End of day (12am local time) and 'Share Route'.



publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_1_-_routesW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_1_-_routesW.png
publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_2_-_routeselectedW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_2_-_routeselectedW.png
publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_3_-_shareaspublicrouteW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_3_-_shareaspublicrouteW.png
publicrouteshare_-_iOS_-_4_-_selectdurationW.png publicrouteshare_-_Android_-_4_-_selectdurationW.png

Importing a shared route

  • Navigate to the Workout tab in the ELEMNT companion app.
  • Select Routes.
  • Select Public Routes.
  • A sortable list of available Nearby Public Routes will appear - tap on the desired route and select it.
  • The route will then be synced to your computer via Bluetooth. Depending on route size, this may take a few minutes.



publicroutereceive_-_iOS_-_1_-_routesW.png publicroutereceive_-_Android_-_1_-_routesW.png
publicroutereceive_-_iOS_-_2_-_publicroutesW.png publicroutereceive_-_Android_-_2_-_publicroutesW.png

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