"Please Wait ... waiting for rider packet" error

For users that are on Apple (iOS/MacOS) with a premium iCloud subscription:


If you have a premium iCloud subscription, the "Please Wait ... waiting for rider packet" error is likely caused by the “Private Relay” feature that comes along with the premium iCloud subscription being turned on.


To resolve, first navigate to you iOS Settings and search for “Private Relay” to turn it OFF while you are using RGT.


With this feature enabled RGT is unable to communicate with your device and some aspects of the app (such as spawning on roads) will not properly function.


On MacOS navigate to System Preferences → AppleID → iCloud → and disable Private Relay:



Additional info for other users:


The "Please Wait ... waiting for rider packet" error means that RGT Screen cannot establish a connection to our server, specifically over UDP port 3022 and 3023.


Other users without a premium iCloud subscription should check that:

  • If you have an Antivirus or Firewall installed on your operating system please disable these first and re-start RGT Cycling and RGT Screen and try again.

  • If you are still experiencing issues, try to add port exemption to the firewall on your router or computer: UDP port 3022 and 3023 for both IN and OUT traffic on your router’s firewall rules (find how to do this with instructions from the manufacturer of your router)

  • To further isolate the problem, try to create a WiFi hotspot using your mobile phone (and mobile data) to eliminate the variables associated with your WiFi router and ISP.

    1. Create a mobile WiFi hotspot on your phone

    2. Connect your screen device to the newly created WiFi hotspot

    3. Open RGT Screen and RGT Mobile.

If you are able to get passed the ‘"Please wait…. waiting for rider packet" error, this means that either the router or ISP is blocking transmission over UDP Port 3022 and/or 3023.

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