Rubber banding in group rides

Rubber Banding

The premise of the Rubber Banding feature is simple;

Users should be able to ride together from the start to the end of a group ride, regardless of their ability. 



Events that have this featured enabled will start the same as any other group ride or group training ride, the main difference is that regardless of an individuals power output they will stay part of the larger peloton. 

You need to experience a group ride to get a good feeling for how it behaves but we think it feels natural and intuitive and makes the group ride experience much more enjoyable when you want to stay formed as a larger group. 



  • The equation that works out the group speed is complicated, but in essence a calculation uses

    • The groups real average speed

    • The groups real max speed

    • The gradient and road conditions

    • Undisclosed additional factors

  • A riders position in the group can be influenced

    • If a rider accelerates they move up

    • If a rider coasts they move back

  • If a rider has an input of less than 50 watts they will get dropped from the group

  • It is almost impossible to get out of the group by attacking

  • Bots are part of this feature

  • If a rider loses contact with the group and re-joins them, they fall back in to the Ride Together feature

One point that is worth making at this point is the feature design discourages flyers from negatively impacting the event. It has been engineered to make breaking away difficult and if the group consensus is to wait for dropped riders, the rubber band type effect will slow everyone down until the rider gets back in.

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