RGT Events - Create, Share and Join

Create an Event

There are two types of events that can be created on RGT.

  1. Race

  2. Group Ride

The events are created on the RGT Website - Create Events.  Please log into rgtcycling.com with your account before creating your event.

  • Choose to create a race or a group ride.
  • Choose the road or magic road for your event.
  • Enter the event details including the date/time of the event. You can also add bots or specify race type.
  • When you have entered all of the details for your event, click on "create event" and you will then have the option to share the link to your event.



Share an Event

When you create an event, you'll have the option to "share" your event code. Click on the "share" button, and the event URL will save to your clipboard. Share with others to invite them to your event.


If you misplace your event code, you can retrieve it by opening the Wahoo RGT cycling app and search for your event in the Events tab (click on "registered" in the drop down menu).


Search for an Event

Events can be found by code or name within the RGT Cycling App:


 Events can also be found by code or name on the RGT User Website


Note: Group Rides are only open for 25 minutes after the start - after which time they will no longer appear in the "events" list.



Join an Event

In order to join an event, you will need to register for the event as your first step:

  • If you have been sent a URL from an Event Organizer, click on that link - you will be taken to the events page. Click on "sign up" and you will be registered in the event.  
  • If you do not have URL, you can search for Events following the instructions in the "Search for an Event" section of this article.
  • Click on the event, and the event page will open. Then, click on "Sign Up" button to register for the event.

Once you are registered in an event, open the Wahoo RGT app and click on the "Events" tab - and choose "registered" from the drop down menu.



Open your event by clicking on the event card. When the "ride now" button is illuminated, you will be able to click on it and enter the event. If the button is not yet illuminated, please be patient, as it will illuminate shortly before the event starts.


Delete an Event

Events can be deleted by the event creator on the RGT User Website

  1. Open the event that was created and click on Delete:


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