Time Trial and Elimination Mode - Race Parameters


Drafting - This turns Drafting On or Off to choose if you want to benefit from riding in the slipstream of other riders or not.  

Mass Start - This is how most races on RGT start. If you want to have a Staggered Start then simply turn Mass Start Off and you can then choose some more parameters such as “Riders per release” and “Release Gap”. More on this below when describing the Time Trial Preset.


  • Riders per release ( 1 - 50 ) - here you can customise how many riders will start in each Release

  • Release gap ( 0 - 120 seconds) -  here you can customise the gap between each Release of riders

  • For Time Trial events, Draft is Off


  1. Riders are placed in the starting queue according to the order in which they join the server

  2. When the timer reaches 0, riders start but their speed is limited to 10 km/h until they pass the Start Gate

  3. Race timer starts when riders pass the Start Gate or after 30 seconds have passed after rider start time, whatever happens first

  4. If a rider leaves the queue, the start times of the other riders will not change. Riders can only join until the start time of the event

  5. The final ranking for races organized with the Time Trial preset is determined by ordering riders by the time in takes to ride the selected course with the shortest time at the top


Elimination Mode is best experienced on short, looped roads and for this, we have included in the Magic Roads Library, the Herne Hill Velodrome. 

Since there are multiple dynamic factors that lead to the number of eliminated riders during each race, one specific aspect of the Elimination Races is that duration and length is not known from the beginning.

  • Riders eliminated per lap ( 1 - 100) - here you can customize the number of riders who will be eliminated each lap

  • Elimination lap frequency ( 1 - 10) - here you can customize the frequency of elimination laps. 1 means that every lap is an elimination lap

  • Positioning laps (0 - 20 ) - here you can customize the number of positioning laps after the start and before the elimination starts


Positioning Laps = first lap(s) after start that allow for positioning before the actual Elimination starts.

Normal Laps = laps between Elimination laps

Elimination Laps = laps where Elimination occurs

Final Lap = this is the decisive lap, when the last riders battle it out to finish of the podium


  1. Elimination happens at the finish line or when a rider is lapped by the leader (overtaken with one lap)

  2. In Normal Laps and Positioning Laps, any number of riders can be eliminated by being lapped

  3. In an Elimination Lap, any number of users can be eliminated by being lapped

    1. if the number of eliminated users during the lap is larger than the chosen setting for "Riders eliminated per lap", then no riders will be eliminated at the finish line

    2. if the number of eliminated users during the lap is smaller than the chosen setting for "Riders eliminated per lap”, then the difference between that setting and the lapped riders, will be eliminated at the finish line

  4. The race ends when it’s not possible to eliminate the chosen number of Eliminated Users per lap. The remaining riders enter the Final Lap, where they race each other for the finish. The order in which they cross the finish line, is that group’s final ranking. Regardless of configured params, if only 3 riders are left, the next lap is a Final Lap.

  5. Ranking is determined as such: first rider eliminated is last in ranking, second rider eliminated is second from the end. Continues until 3 (or more, depending on your selection, see #4 above) riders remain in the Final Lap. This last lap is just as a normal race. These riders are added to the ranking in 1st, 2nd position and 3rd position.

  6. For the eliminated rider, Elimination means they are stopped on the side of the road. They are able to switch between "finish line view" and a view following the group by tapping the appropriate button in the Mobile App.

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