Only % of FTP interval based workouts are currently supported.


FREE: Currently a FREE workout can be done on a pre-set course that is switched automatically on a regular basis to cycle through all the available roads.

PREMIUM: You can select any road for your workout.

There are some things to keep in mind before creating a Workout:

  • Supported formats are .erg, .fit, .zwo, .mrc

  • While you are riding in a workout, drafting is disabled, you will not be able to draft off others, but others will be able to draft off of you

  • Workouts are done in ERG mode, but you have the option to disable ERG while doing the workout if you choose to do so

How to create a Workout

  1. Email your workout file to from the email the address registered on your RGT Cycling account

  2. You will get a confirmation email that we have received your workout ‘Workout created’

  3. Only after ‘Workout created’ email confirmation, navigate to Workouts → Uploaded (from the drop down list) you will be able to see the workout.

  4. Choose the road to TRAIN ON

  5. Choose the Workout of choice and RIDE NOW


How to change the road for the Workout

  1. Click on the TRAIN ON drop down list and select the road of choice.

For Workouts on a Magic Road, please create a Group Ride Event, see instructions below.



Workout on a Magic Road

  1. Login on the RGT Website → Create Event → Create Group Ride → Magic Roads

Once you select the Magic Road you would like to workout on you will have the option to ADD a workout to the Group Ride event you are creating.


How to delete a workout

  1. Log in on the RGT User Website → Create Group Ride → Click on a road available → Click on Add Workout → Select the Uploaded tab and a workout can now be deleted from here



Set the start time of the event last, and set it to at least 5 minutes ahead of your local time before you create the event.

If it’s a looped Magic Road, consider adding enough laps such that you can finish your workout.

Only Workouts that are in your Library/Uploaded can be attached. Email your workout file to from the email the address registered on your RGT Cycling account.