How to Use Workouts in RGT

The RGT "Library" of workouts contains all of the 4DP workouts from the Wahoo SYSTM app. All of the Library workouts in RGT are 4DP workouts. 

The "Scheduled" tab will show upcoming workouts that have been scheduled on Wahoo SYSTM or Training Peaks.

The "Uploaded" tab shows workouts that you have manually uploaded to RGT by emailing the workout to "".


4DP Workouts in RGT

What is 4DP and how do I use 4DP workouts if I don't have a 4DP profile?  When you open workouts for the first time, you'll be give the option to import your 4DP profile from SYSTM or Estimate it from your FTP.

If you'd like an accurate 4DP, please complete Full Frontal in Wahoo SYSTM to create your personalized and accurate 4DP Profile.


Workout Differences: Premium vs Free Accounts

PREMIUM: Premium users can select any road/workout combination.

FREE:  Users without a Wahoo X subscription can open one of the free roads, and then choose any of the workouts marked as "free".  In order to use a road or a workout marked "WahooX" a WahooX subscription is required.



  1. WORKOUT button - opens the workout menu

  2. CLOSE button - closes the workout menu

  3. LIBRARY - available workouts from Wahoo RGT

  4. SCHEDULED - scheduled workouts from the TrainingPeaks calendar, only the upcoming 7 calendar days are displayed

  5. UPLOADED - individual workouts that were sent in

  6. SEARCH - searches in the current selected tab

  7. ADJUST INTENSITY - increases and decreases the intensity of the workout

  8. START WORKOUT - starts the selected workout

How to create a Workout

  1. Email your workout file to from the email the address registered on your RGT Cycling account

  2. You will get a confirmation email that we have received your workout: ‘Workout created’

There are some things to keep in mind before creating a Workout:

  • Supported formats are .erg, .fit, .zwo, .mrc

  • Workouts are done in ERG mode, but you have the option to disable ERG while doing the workout if you choose to do so

How to start a Workout

  1. Choose and spawn on an available road

  2. Choose the WORKOUT of choice and START WORKOUT

Workout on a Magic Road

  1. Login on the RGT Website → Create Event → Create Group Ride → Magic Roads

Once you select the Magic Road you would like to workout on you will have the option to ADD a workout to the Group Ride event you are creating.



How to delete a workout

Log in on the RGT User Website → Create Group Ride → Click on a road available → Click on Add Workout → Select the Uploaded tab and a workout can now be deleted from here


Set the start time of the event last, and set it to at least 5 minutes ahead of your local time before you create the event.

If it’s a looped Magic Road, consider adding enough laps such that you can finish your workout.

Only Workouts that are in your Library/Uploaded can be attached. Email your workout file to from the email the address registered on your RGT Cycling account.



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