Magic Roads

How to create a Magic Road

NOTE: Please be aware that it could take a few minutes before you see the magic road in your library, this is all depending on the length of the Magic Road being generated.

  1. Email your .gpx file to from the email the address registered on your RGT Cycling account.

  2. You will get a confirmation email that we have received your road and we are processing it ‘We’re building your road!' (this should be instant)

  3. You will get a final email when we finished building your road ‘We’ve finished building <road name> for you!'

    • (Please be aware that this might take anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on the length of the road)

Only after 'the road is built' you will see it in Library tab (cycle off the tab and on the tab again to force a refresh)

  • In order to ride the created Magic Road you have to create an event.

  • Events time out after 4 hours.

If your Magic Road has no scenery, this is because the device you have RGT Screen installed on has less than 2.5GB of RAM, and the scenery has been removed to increase stability. In order to get the scenery please install RGT screen on a device that has >3GB of RAM. System Requirements


There are some things to keep in mind before trying to create a Magic Road:

  • the route cannot be longer than 100 km’s / 60 miles

  • if the .gpx contains loops or cross over points there will be issues generating the magic road at those points, they will likely overlap

  • the .gpx file has to be of good quality and accurate (higher number of way-points/track/route points)

  • exporting a route from some bike computers might not include enough track points in order to create a smooth Magic Road

  • you can add as many routes as you would like

Here are some tools to extract routes from real roads from around the world:

Our user community has also created a website where you can grab a wide variety of rides quickly if you have RGT Mobile already installed:

How to ride a Magic Road

There are two ways you can enjoy riding a Magic Road:

  1. Quick Ride - The option is available built into the RGT Cycling App

  2. Event Creation - Race or Group Ride created from the RGT Website

Quick Ride

RGT Cycling App → Menu → Magic Road

Select the magic road of choice, and click on QUICK RIDE

Once created, the Magic Road Quick Ride event will be found on the Home screen and on the Events-> Registered events list.

Please note that if a quick Ride on a Magic Road is shorter than 20km, the Magic Road will be looped to create at least a 20km route.


RGT Website

Navigate to the RGT Website → Create Event

You will have the option to ride a Magic Road as a Group Ride or Race event. Once the event type is chosen you will be able to select the Magic Road tab in order to view all the available Magic Roads on the account.

Last thing before you click to create the event is to set the time at least five minutes ahead of your current time. This will allow our servers to spool and parse your .gpx file and create the 3D environment (it usually takes 2-3 minutes before you can actually JOIN the event).

Group Ride events - can still be joined up to 15 minutes after the event starts.

Race events - cannot be joined after the event starts.

Please be aware, events will be timed out by the server at 4 hour mark.

View Detailed Interactive Report

When you send in a Magic Road our server will reply with a confirmation email that the road has finished building and in the email there is a summary of potential issues. Please click on View Detailed Interactive Report link within the email and that will give you an overview of some potential problems (ex: sharp turns, high slope %, looped and overlapping points ….)


This is not an editor so you will not be able to edit your Magic Road. If the road is not to your satisfaction, please delete it and edit it manually and re-send it in, see ‘Creating the perfect Magic Road’ section below.

A simple editor that can be used to correct high slope % is: GPX Smoother

For correcting sharp turns, overlaps and others in more specific details, please see below.

Creating the perfect Magic Road

You have done a few rides already and you’ve noticed that some of the .gpx files that are imported have some errors, and or very abrupt slopes or sharp turns.

We do apply some minor smoothing on the imported .gpx, however we rely heavily on a quality of the .gpx file, this means that even if we detect errors, we still build your road with those errors, we do give a summary of the issues we found when we send the confirmation email that your Magic Road has been built.

Here is a document that will help you create a near perfect .gpx:

Why is my Magic Road ride shorter that I created it once uploaded to Strava?

We reserve approximately 80m at the start and approximately 200m at the end of every linear Magic Road. This is to give enough space for avatars to spawn at start and the star gate, and end gate and stop area.

How to delete a Magic Road?

  1. Log in on the RGT User Website → Create Event → Click on the Magic Road tab and delete the desired Magic Road.