Magic Roads

What is a Magic Road?

The RGT app allows you to upload a .gpx file from any route, anywhere in the world, and convert it to a road in RGT. Magic Roads will mimic the characteristics of the route including gradient changes. This is a great way for you to revisit your favourite rides, use for pre-race training to learn and perfect your attacks, or explore famous routes around the world.

Your RGT app comes pre-loaded with several Magic Roads, including the Alpe D'Huez Climb, Amstel Gold Loop, Champs Elysees Loop, and several of the On Location Routes from the Wahoo SYSTM app.

You can add an unlimited number of Magic Roads to your account - and explore the world by bike!

How to Create a Magic Road

Creating your Magic Road requires a few steps to ensure the road you're creating will provide a great riding experience.

There are some things to keep in mind before creating your Magic Road:

  • the route cannot be longer than 100 km /60 miles
  • if the route includes an out and back on the same road, or cross-overs from a loop, there will likely be issues generating the magic roads at those points, and the in-app graphics will be affected. 
  • the .gpx file has to be of good quality and accurate (good quality routes include a higher number of way-points/track/route points)
  • exporting a route from certain bike computers might not include enough track points in order to create a smooth Magic Road

If you want to find and extract .gpx files from routes around the world, there are a few tools that you can use:

Once you've chosen your .gpx file, follow these steps to create your Magic Road in the Wahoo RGT app:

  1. Email your .gpx file to from the email address registered on your RGT Cycling account.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email that we have received and are processing your .gpx file. "We’re building your road!"
  3. You will receive a final email when we have finished building your Magic Road. "We’ve finished building <road name> for you!"

The generation of your Magic Road may take anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes, depending on the length of the road.

Once the Magic Road is "built", it will then appear in "Magic Roads" in the Wahoo RGT app, and in "My Magic Roads" at

If you are interested in looking for already created Magic Roads, there are two Magic Road libraries that have been created by Wahoo RGT community members:

How To Ride a Magic Road

There are two ways you can ride Magic Roads:

  1. Quick Ride a Magic Road
  2. Create a Magic Road Event - RGT Website

Quick Ride a Magic Road

To start a Quick Ride of your Magic Road, open your Wahoo RGT app and follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Menu"
  2. Click on "Magic Roads
  3. Select your choice of Magic Roads from the list - your choice will show below the list of Magic Roads
  4. Click on "Quick Ride"
  5. If you have a Magic Road ID for a road that is not currently in your Magic Road Library, enter the Magic Road ID in the Search box and click 'Search' in order to add it to your Library.


Once created, your Magic Road Quick Ride event will be found on the Home screen and on the Events list under the "Registered" option.

Create a Magic Road Event

You can create a Group Ride or a Race from your Magic Road and invite friends to join you on your ride. To create your Magic Road Event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to RGT Website
  2. Navigate to "Toolbox" and "Create Event"
  3. Choose to create a Race or a Group Ride
  4. Click on the "Magic Roads" tab and choose your preferred Magic Road
  5. Enter the details for your Event and click "Create Event"

Once created, your Magic Road Event will be found on the Events list under the "Registered" option.

How to Delete a Magic Road

You can delete any Magic Roads that you have added to your library by following these steps:

  1. Log in on the RGT User Website
  2. Click on "Toolbox" and "My Magic Roads"
  3. Scroll or search to find the magic road you wish to delete and click the 'Delete' button



Troubleshooting Magic Roads 

In order to create Magic Roads, we rely heavily on the quality of the submitted .gpx file. Generated Magic Roads will include any errors in the .gpx file, and these may interfere with your Magic Road experience.

When your Magic Road is created, you will receive a confirmation email. Included in this email is a summary of potential issues with your Magic Road.  Please click on the "View Detailed Interactive Report" link in the email for an overview of potential problems. These include sharp turns, high slope percentage, looped and overlapping points, as shown in the image below:


Prior to submitting your .gpx file for Magic Road creation, we recommend you check and edit your .gpx file. Here are some resources to help you improve your .gpx files:

Magic Road Notables

You may notice your Magic Road distance on Strava does not match the Magic Road. We reserve approximately 80m at the start and approximately 200m at the end of every linear Magic Road. This is to give enough space for avatars to spawn at the start gate, and stop at the end gate.

If a Quick Ride on a Magic Road is shorter than 20km, the Magic Road will be looped to create at least a 20km route.

If your Magic Road has no scenery, this is because the device you have RGT Screen installed on has less than 2.5GB of RAM, and the scenery has been removed to increase stability. In order to get the scenery please install RGT screen on a device that has >3GB of RAM. System Requirements



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