ANT+ USB dongle not detected

Dongle compatibility

ANT USB Dongles are only supported on Windows and MacOS.

RGT does not currently support ANT USB Dongles through mobile devices or mobile devices that have built in ANT capability.

RGT Cycling supports only USB2 compatible ANT+ dongles. USB1 dongles will not work within RGT Cycling

  • Plug in your compatible ANT+ USB dongle into your computer.

  • The USB ANT+ dongle can be used by only one application at any given time.

ANT+ Dongle is not detected


The most common cause for the ANT dongle not to be detected is another application using the ANT USB dongle in the background. Please make sure there are no applications (such as Garmin Connect, Zwift, etc.) running in the background. 

  • Please unplug and plug in your ANT USB dongle after you have closed all background applications then start RGT Cycling again

  • Please also try a different USB port

ANT USB Driver:

In case your ANT USB Dongle is not being detected by Windows at all, please download the following driver and try manually installing it.

zip archiveEdit file

To install the driver manually on Windows 10:

-Download and unzip the driver for your device (above driver is from the thisisant website).
-Open Device Manager
-Right-click on the ANT USB device
-Click 'Update Driver Software...'
-Click 'Browse my computer for driver software' option in the 'Update Driver Software' dialog that appears
-Click 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'
-Click the 'Have Disk...' button
-Browse to the folder containing the unzipped driver package files
-Select the '.inf' file in that directory and click 'Open'
-Click 'OK'
-Click the ANT model shown in the list and press 'Next' (Note: If you are installing unsigned Si Labs driver you will likely need to accept the unsigned driver warning and additionally disable driver signature enforcement)
-The driver should then install and work correctly

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