How to connect and sync to TrainingPeaks

If you want to download an existing ride from your Ride History please view these instructions:

How to download your ride data and view your ride history

If you have already multiple rides in your Ride History, you will need to upload them manually to TrainingPeaks, previous ride history will not get automatically uploaded once you sync to TrainingPeaks, only future activities will.

Menu → My Account → Linked Account drop down list → TrainingPeaks


Once you select the TrainingPeaks option from the drop down list, click on the CONNECT button that



The TrainingPeaks site will open in a new window where you can finish the sync process.

If you have workouts scheduled in the TrainingPeaks calendar they will automatically sync in RGT.

You will be able to view in the Workouts → TrainingPeaks


Up to 7 days of workouts in the future are displayed within RGT.

RGT currently only supports % of FTP interval based workouts.

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