How to get the best experience racing on RGT?

This is it, you’re here, you just want to race this time, you’re focused and you want the best possible experience, you’ve seen the roads, you’ve enjoyed the scenery and you trained on the roads by yourself but now it’s time to race and you don’t want any surprises, you want to finish the race first.

What are some things that I can do in order to have the best experience while racing on RGT?

Fast and quick results:


To make sure you have no problems with the battery on your phone or aggressive battery optimization processes on the device please keep your mobile phone plugged into a power source at all times.

Some device manufacturers may switch Bluetooth off when the App is placed in the background so keep the RGT Cycling Mobile App in focus at all times.

The number of possible Bluetooth connections vary by Mobile Device so avoid having multiple applications using Bluetooth at the same time (E.G: avoid connecting to your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, activity tracking devices, fridges, microwaves, bathroom fans at the same time on the same device you are using for racing).

Screen Device:

As with mobile devices, laptops will optimize battery over performance and may reduce performance when the battery is unplugged. Keep your screen device plugged into a power source

Disable temporarily firewalls or antivirus running in the background

Joining Events:

We recommend that you join the event at least ten minutes before the start and confirm connection to your trainer by applying some power and observing the power changing in the screen and mobile apps

Your connection will time out of you do not send power and heart rate to the app every 10 minutes. Do not connect 30 minutes before and only start to pedal 30 seconds before the race starts.

This will ensure that once the countdown reaches zero, you’re off the line!

Trouble Shooting

Stuttering During the Event

RGT Cycling hosts thousands of riders on hundreds of successful events every week. Our technology stack is stable and usually, any issues experienced are down to the athlete's local settings.

If you suddenly start experiencing issues in larger events then it is most likely one of the following:

  1. An issue with your machine's ability to cope with the extra load of participating in an event

  2. Your internet connection speed.

To solve issue one:

  1. Restart your machines

  2. Switch off all other apps on your machine including Zoom

  3. Ensure you’re machine is plugged into the mains

  4. Reduce your Screen App quality - To do this: Click the small screen in the top corner of the Mobile App and select Low

The below gives you an idea of what setting to choose for racing on RGT

High-end graphics card: Quality - High

Laptop with a mobile graphics card: Quality - Low

Laptop or desktop with an integrated graphics card: Quality - Low

How to change graphics quality setting?

MACBOOKS - Don’t be fooled by the. Macbooks are not the best for gaming so please take extra care to choose the right screen quality when using a Macbook

Suggested Frame Rate

In RGT Screen while you are spawned on any road or event, you are able to see your FPS in the Power/Cadence/Heart Rate UI:

This needs to be above 30 FPS for a smooth experience.



Unlike other virtual racing applications what you see on your screen when racing on RGT Cycling is the same as everyone else. To make this happen we render drafting and physics on our servers. This improves the racing but means you will need to ensure available bandwidth for the platform.

To ensure you get the most from your internet we recommend at a minimum

  • 10Mb download

  • 2MB upload

  • Low ping latency

Things you can do

  • Keep both your screen device and mobile device connected on the same WiFi at all times

  • Do not use Zoom, Discord and other software that might impact