What do I need to start riding in RGT?

In order to start riding on RGT you will need the following:

  • An ANT+ or Bluetooth® (BLE) compatible smart trainer or power meter (speed sensors are only supported on ANT+)

  • To install RGT Cycling App you will need: Windows 10 / MacOS / AppleTV / iPad / Android / iOS

  • Optional: to install RGT Remote you will need: iPad / iOS / Android

  • RGT Account - Created through the RGT Cycling App or the RGT Website

Please review the detailed System Requirements



RGT Cycling App:


RGT Remote App:

An optional, lightweight mobile application that can be used to complement the ride. It keeps the additional benefit of being able to control and navigate RGT Cycling App when it is not in close proximity.

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