How to Update Firmware on ELEMNT RIVAL

Firmware updates for ELEMNT RIVAL are typically installed automatically overnight while charging as long as the  ELEMNT Companion App for iOS or Android is running on a paired phone in the background. To allow automatic updates to occur, simply ensure the following conditions are met. Though there is usually no need to update manually, it may take a day or two before an update appears.

  • Put your RIVAL on its charger, connected to a wall charger (not a computer)
  • Open the ELEMNT app on your phone during a time you’re not using the phone for other tasks
  • Leave the ELEMNT app open and paired to your RIVAL
  • Leave the phone within 1-2 feet of the RIVAL with the ELEMNT app open for an hour or so


Alternatively, when a new update becomes available, a prompt may appear in the Settings menu of the ELEMNT app to update ELEMNT RIVAL on connect. If accepted, the update will install at that time, otherwise updates are downloaded automatically overnight and pushed to ELEMNT RIVAL when connected and charging.

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