Legacy KICKR v1 (2014)- v2 (2016) 142X12 Thru Axle Adapter information and setup

This is a legacy product, is discontinued, and is no longer available. A comparable product may be available from a 3rd party retailer or manufacturer, including Robert Axle Project. We cannot confirm the compatibility of 3rd party products with your bike.

KICKR 12x142 Thru Axle Adapter


The KICKR 142X12 Thru Axle Adapter is a QR > thru axle conversion kit designed to enable mountain, gravel, and road bikes using the 12x142mm size to be secured to first and and second generation legacy versions of the KICKR (v1 [2014] and v2 [2016]).

For information regarding updated thru axle adapters kit for KICKR version 4 [2018] and later and KICKR CORE see here


NOTE: The KICKR is not compatible with the through axle itself; instead, this adapter kit is used to secure the bike in place. Please watch the installation video below before attempting to install yourself. This is for 12x142mm bikes only. Not compatible with 12x135, 12x150, or any other thru axle standard.


This product is shipped with the following:

  • Threaded Axle Spacer
  • Hub Width Adapter
  • Conical Axle Adapter
  • Flat Axle Adapter
  • XL Quick Release Skewer
  • Extended Quick Release Nut



How to install the adapter

NOTE: Before installing the adapter, you will need to remove the existing quick release and R130/M135 hub adapter from your KICKR. Additionally, remove the two springs threaded on the quick release from the adapter kit, as they will not be required.

  1. Install the 12x142mm hub adapter on the non-drive side (label facing out) of your KICKR. Thread the axle washer on the drive side of your KICKR. Gently tighten with a 17mm wrench if required.
  2. Lower the bicycle rear dropouts onto the KICKR. Lift the front wheel slightly to ensure the bicycle is seated on the KICKR correctly.
  3. Select either the conical (a) or flat (b) frame adapter and thread on the quick release skewer before installing on the KICKR with the included skewer nut.
  4. Lock in place by lifting on the quick release lever.



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Product Care Information

Should any of the Adapter parts require cleaning, use a moist soft cloth or similar to re-move any debris.

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