Use a Stryd foot pid with RIVAL

This feature enables native integration of the Stryd running power foot pod with ELEMNT RIVAL to create a seamless data-driven running experience for athletes.



1Stryd with wind detection (newest version) is required to receive the most data including Form Power, Air Power and Leg Spring Stiffness. See What model Stryd do I have for details.

2A Stryd membership is not necessary for RIVAL integration


Understanding Stryd Integration

Stryd integration with ELEMNT RIVAL has 3 important parts:

  • Connecting the Stryd and ELEMNT RIVAL to record data
  • Stryd-specific workout data in your workout history
  • Automatic syncing of workouts and Critical Power with the Stryd app and Powercenter

Connecting the Stryd Foot Pod

Stryd Foot Pod is easily paired directly from ELEMNT RIVAL or through the ELEMNT Companion app like any other ANT+ sensor. RIVAL will show Stryd as a Footpod when searching for sensors. Once selected, you will be prompted to add both Power and Cadence data fields to your Running Workout Profile. After a minute or so, RIVAL will recognize the sensor specifically as a Stryd Pod and will display that name in the sensor list. 


Once paired, RIVAL will record all data coming from the Stryd sensor in the workout. The connected Stryd pod is automatically used as the primary data source for both distance and pace. 


On RIVAL, data fields can be set up for all Stryd-specific metrics including:

  • Power
  • Form Power
  • Air Power
  • Leg Spring Stiffness
  • Ground Contact Time
  • Vertical Oscillation

These data fields can be found in the Run Power and Dynamics category when editing data fields.


Stryd data ELEMNT Companion App workout history

When a workout with Stryd data is synced to the ELEMNT Companion app, users will see Stryd-specific data in workout details. In addition to the metrics listed above, users will also see their Power Chart, Power Curve and Stryd Power Zones.


Automatic Syncing With Stryd App and Powercenter

After connecting a Stryd sensor with ELEMNT RIVAL, the next time the ELEMNT Companion App is opened a new Stryd onboarding screen will allow you to connect your Wahoo and Stryd accounts. 

Select Connect Accounts to open the Stryd app, choose Wahoo, and enter your Wahoo account details. Once the account has been authorized, data will now flow seamlessly between the ELEMNT Companion App, the Stryd app, and Stryd Powercenter. 

When a running workout is completed, the workout will include Stryd data in the ELEMNT Companion App which will be passed into Powercenter to appear on the calendar as Stryd runs normally do. The workout will also include GPS data recorded by RIVAL.

If auto-calculation of Critical Power is enabled, when the Critical Power value is updated in Powercenter it will automatically sync over to the ELEMNT Companion App and the Power Zones in the app and on RIVAL will be updated.

Note: While you cannot manually update Critical Power or Power Zones in the ELEMNT 
Companion App, you can still do so in the Stryd App or Powercenter, if desired.

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