Getting Started Videos

You'll find a nice section of video tutorials in the app to help you get started.  Open the Library, and then choose the Getting Started channel.  


You'll find video tutorials for the following:

SYSTM is here!  -  Do you want to be inspired and see what SYSTM has to offer?  Start here!  


Take a Tour of SYSTM - A quick tutorial to show you everything the app has to offer.  Follow along as we show you every part of the app.  For a more detailed description, be sure to check out our App Navigation section in the help center/


Adding Workouts to your Calendar-  A quick tutorial to add individual workouts to your training calendar.  Having the workout on you calendar provides you with a quick way to view and launch the workout when you're ready to go!  A great way to pre-plan your training when you're not following a training plan, or when you need to make adjustments to adapt your training to your day.  For more details, see How to add a workout to your Calendar .


Changing the Workout Intensity-  If you're finding a particular workout too difficult, or are struggling to meet the power targets on a specific interval, you can adjust the workout intensity.  This video will show you how to do that.  For more details see How do I adjust the workout intensity?


Choosing Workout Display Metrics-  If you want to control what numbers you see on the screen, you can customize your workout display.  This video will give you a quick overview of how to do that.  For more details see Customizing your displayed workout metrics.


Sharing your Workouts- Quickly set up sharing to your favourite 3rd party apps.  For more details see Sharing your Workout Data.


Switching between ERG and Level Mode-  You'll want to know how to do this before trying one of the fitness tests.  For more details and to learn more about how your smart trainer works with the app, be sure to check out the following help articles:
A Guide to using ERG mode

A Guide to using Level Mode


Turning Off Sound Effects- There are some workouts where you might not want the sound effect cues, so we've got some instructions for you to control that.  You can also control the music volume within the workout player, which can be handy if you've got other things going on in the background, like a zoom call with friends.  See Can I adjust the music and sound effects volume? for more details.






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