SYSTM Release Notes (Windows/Mac)

This page contains current and historical release notes for the SYSTM App for Windows, Mac (Intel), and Mac (Apple Silicon).

For iOS, see SYSTM Release Notes (iOS)
For Android, see SYSTM Release Notes (Android)


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.57.0 - 31 January, 2023

  • Find the newest workout content more easily
  • Library sport categories now have the option to sort by Released Date
  • All other sort options remain
  • Find your most recent additions to My List, default to sort by descending date added sorts by date added to list

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.51.1 - 4 November, 2022

  • Fixed: Incorrect TSS and IF values in Outdoor workout details.



SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.51.0 - 19 October, 2022

  • Updated: Minor UI and backend updates


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.50.0 - 11 October, 2022

  • Fixed: Undesired screen orientation locking (landscape/portrait mode) for iOS 16 users.



SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.49.0 - 27 September, 2022

  • Updated: Content details page layout.



SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.48.0 - 13 September, 2022

  • Added: Support for KICKR V6

  • Fixed: Rounding issues for planned workout, activity, and Weekly summary totals duration.
  • Fixed: Android crash upon completion of the Wahoo sensor setup wizard.


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.44.0 - 16 August, 2022

  • Updated: Minor UI and backend updates



SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.42.0 - 3 August, 2022

  • Updated: Minor UI and backend updates


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.40.0 - 19 July, 2022

  • Updated: Minor UI and backend updates



SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.37.0 - 21 June, 2022

  • Added: Link from My Profile to the Billing page.
  • Updated: Minor UI and backend updates



SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.35.0 - 6 June, 2022

  • Added: Drag and Drop to Reschedule Content
  • Updated: Minor UI and backend updates

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.32.0 - 17 May, 2022

  • Updated: Color theme

  • Resolved: Issues with "Back to Back" and "In a Row" badges not reflecting the proper activity counts


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.30.0 - 3 May, 2022

  •  Improved billing banner messaging

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.28.0 - 15 April, 2022

  • App-wide color updates to improve accessibility and app feel
  • App image updates

  • Fixed issue on the Calendar where Monday workouts were not immediately displaying compliance status updates


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.26.0 - 30 March, 2022

  • Resolved an issue where audio was played at the start of a workout even when the workout player setting was off

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.24.0 - 16 March, 2022

  • Added link to Content details from Activity details to allow easy replay of workouts


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.21.1 - 24 February, 2022

  • Fixed ToS Stage 7 workouts 2 and 3 linking to incorrect workout when the ToS Route plan is applied to Calendar

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.21.0 - 23 February, 2022

  • Added a new section to the Awards page for Upcoming and in-progress challenges to make them easier to find
  • Updated the ToS 2022 Challenges stages to route to the Content Details with the planned reduced intensity

  • Updated calendar planned activity cards to show an athlete's edited title

  • Fixed an issue where video playback on Mac and Windows could be interrupted if the window was backgrounded for a long time


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.19.0 - 9 February, 2022

  •  Added back swipe from Activity Details to Calendar

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.18.0 - 26 January, 2022

  • Improved: Bluetooth connection and trainer control for Tacx Flux trainers
  • Restored: Tilt control for MacOS Monterey
  • Improved: Mac Desktop app full screen layout

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.15.0 - 11 January, 2022

  • Updated: Calendar to remain on the current week after rescheduling a workout
  • Improved: Bluetooth connection for Stages SB20 bikes
  • Added: Privacy Policy messaging on More menu

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.13.1 - 16 December, 2021*

  • Updated Home Page content
  • Removed link to Help Center from Awards page

  • Minor UI updates

*This update was temporarily paused for Windows/Mac until full rollout on January 4th, 2022


SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.12.0 - 8 December, 2021

  • Resolved: Issue properly saving activities
  • Added: Ability to recover activities that were not properly saved
  • Added: Ability to click on Progress page Badge cards to view progress
  • Added: Athlete Profile details immediately refresh and update after a fitness test
  • Added: New message when attempting to purchase a second subscription
  • Updated: Desktop application title bars
  • Updated: Cadence graph to better visualize very short workouts

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.8.1 - 8 November, 2021

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.6.1 - 26 October, 2021

  • Fixed billing page footer on Android to correctly reference Google Play Store
  • Fixed calendar cards re-sorting when scrolling back to Today
  • Fixed connecting Garmin as an authorized app

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.5.0 - 19 October, 2021

  • Added: Training Plan details page, accessible from weekly summary page
  • Updated: non-cycling workouts now play automatically
  • Updated: focus on main navigation buttons on desktop and web
  • Improved: calendar activity matches planned workouts
  • Improved: calendar scrolling performance
  • Fixed: rare issue with birthday displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed: Android workouts display in default size
  • Fixed: issues with badge count updates and number overflows

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.2.2 - 30 September, 2021

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

SYSTM for Windows/Mac 7.1.1 - 28 September, 2021

  • Initial Public Release