Cancelling Your Wahoo X Subscription


Web Based

You can manage your Wahoo X web-based subscription through the Wahoo X Billing Portal

If you are currently subscribed to a plan, it will be shown on the Billing Portal. If you would like to change your subscription type (from annual to monthly, or monthly to annual), you can make the changes here.

If your current subscription is auto-renewing, you can cancel your renewal by clicking on Manage on the Your plan section of the accounts portal home page.



Once you're on the Your plan page you'll see your subscription plan information and an option to Cancel your Wahoo X Subscription. Please click on the option to cancel your Wahoo X Subscription at the end of your billing period - you will still have full access to the app until the end of billing period date.


If the billing portal shows that you are on a trial that is not set to renew, you will not need to cancel your subscription. Your trial will simply end on the end date of the trial.


Apple Store

These instructions will help you cancel your Apple subscription.  Any billing questions or inquiries about your Apple subscription should be directed to Apple support.  

  • Open your iOS settings and click on your Apple ID.
  • Scroll down to your Subscriptions
  • Cancel your Wahoo X Subscription 


Google Play

These instructions will help you cancel your Google Play subscription.  Any billing questions or inquiries about subscriptions made through Google should be directed to Google Play support.  

  • open the Google Play app
  • At the top right, tap the profile icon
  • Tap Payments and subscriptions > Subscriptions.
  • Select the Wahoo X subscription
  • Tap Cancel subscription.
  • Follow the instructions.












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