How to scroll through the app without a scroll bar

There are no scroll bars on any of the windows in the SYSTM app.  If you do not have a trackpad or scrolling mouse, you can still scroll through the screen without the use of a scroll bar.  See instructions below:

How to scroll with a trackpad:

Place two fingers on the track pad and scroll the screen up and down by moving both fingers up and down and on the trackpad.

How to scroll with a scrolling mouse:

If you don't have a trackpad on your laptop or for your desktop, the purchase of a scrolling mouse should resolve your issue.  (~$10 investment). You may need to set up your mouse for the scrolling in your settings.  The wheel on your mouse will scroll the screen.  

How to scroll using your keyboard:

Select the screen that you want to scroll (background of the screen is where you want to click), and then scroll with the up and down arrows on your keyboard.