Sufferlandria- Everything Explained

As you complete the workouts in The Sufferfest content category, we realize that you may have a few questions about this country called Sufferlandria.  We've put together some quick facts to help you adjust to this new world.  While Sufferlandrians love "Suffering", they know that the key to success is their dedication to a balanced training plan that allows for rest and recovery.  

A few interesting facts about Sufferlandria

  • Capital: Agonia
  • Land Area: Undetermined.  Official territory includes annexed Bike Torture Chambers outside of Sufferlandrian borders.
  • Population: Always increasing. Anytime someone Suffers in the pursuit of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY, they are Sufferlandrian.
  • Currency: GLORY!
  • Official Language:  Painglish
  • Government: Auto-sadisto-dictatorship
  • Exports: Primarily Suffering. The country also has vast reserves of Courage, and is the largest exporter of this raw material in the world.

Who is GvA?  

  • It is none other than our legendary Directeur Sportif; famed Sufferlandrian hero, Grunter von Agony. It was Von Agony who developed the only known cure for TTBS(Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome), a vaccine known as “EnterPAINment” which came in the form of Sufferfest cycling training videos. This was a joyous time. Much Suffering was had by all. Those who had no idea suddenly discovered their inner Sufferlandrian. They began making frequent trips to Sufferlandria. They destroyed entire pelotons with a single shift of the gears. They Chamois Danced. Suddenly, the population of Sufferlandria exploded.

  • Grunter has only appeared in one Sufferfest Video.  He likes to stay behind the scene and plot unknown amounts of carnage.  Want to see what he looks like?  Check out Hell Hath No Fury.

Tell me about the goats!

  • Laser Goats are introduced in the video called G.O.A.T, but watch out!  They're always watching. 
  • The uncomfortable have nothing to fear.  

Who is Fluffy?  

  • Fluffy is the Team Mascot, cleaner-upper of sorry souls at the back of the peloton, and the general reason we don't want to fall too far behind in a Sufferfest Video.  She has short arms and when she gives hugs, it is normally with her teeth.  Fluffy is a T-Rex that made her one and only appearance in the Video "Revolver".  Ever since then, she has been a prominent figure for Sufferlandrians everywhere.  

  • Want to meet Fluffy first hand?  Take a shot at Revolver.  When you are starting to feel your legs buckle at the end, Fluffy will be there to give you a nice hug, with her teeth.  Do try to pedal and keep up.  We won't be talking about that Hamster right now, but he is known as the Sufferlandrian Speed Demon and can be found in the videos Violator and Cadence Builds. 

What about the Knights?  

You'll want to read this:

How to become a Knight of Sufferlandria

Chamois Dancing?  

Sufferlandrian Celebration



What is the Tour of Sufferlandria?  

Formerly the Tour of Sufferlandria, The Wahooligan Tour is a celebration of all our Wahooligan athletes around the world and an opportunity to come together for a worthwhile cause. For over 10 years, this event has been partnering with the Davis Phinney Foundation to help people living with Parkinsons live well today. Riders from all over the world gather their courage in their Bicycle Torture Chambers (BTC) to not only challenge their physical limitations but to raise money to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation. The Official Patron is none other than Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter.  Sufferlandrians & Wahooligans all over the world have raised just over two million dollars since the first Tour began in 2013. The Tour is held every year, look out for more details about the next event! 

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