Create a SYSTM User Account

You can log into SYSTM with your Wahoo username and password.  If you don't have a Wahoo account, you can sign up and create a new user account from the login page in the app.  




Once you've created your login and have accepted the terms and conditions, the app will take you through some initial steps to personalize your training to your current fitness level.  

Welcome to the app, Wahooligan!  


The next screen will request some personal information.  The more accurate the information, the more accurate your initial 4DP estimate will be.  Your 4DP values will set the initial workout settings in the app.  You'll be able to test to get more accurate results, but these onboarding estimates will make that process easier if the estimates are accurate.  This section can be skipped, but we don't recommend it.  Please note that you will not be able to create an account unless you are 18 years of age.  Please see the Terms of Service for more details about age and legal requirements.  


We've prepared an introductory training plan for you that help you get familiar with the app and prepare for testing.  You can choose to skip this if you prefer, and add a training plan by following instructions found here:  Selecting a Training Plan (Mac and Windows) or Selecting a Training Plan (Mobile).

Add_the_intro_training_plan.pngNow that your account is created, you are ready to start your free trial.  Don't want to start just yet?  Just quit the app and you'll return to this step when you launch the app again!  


And lastly, before you get started, just a few legal items that we need to make sure you're aware of!  

Click Continue to launch the app!