What do I need to use the SYSTM app?

There are some basic equipment requirements to use the SYSTM app for training.  


REQUIRED: A Device To Install The SYSTM App On

You will need a device that can run the app. SYSTM is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Ensure that your computer/device supports Bluetooth or ANT+ connections and that your sensors and trainer are compatible with your connection type.  For more information, see Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool).


For Cycling workouts:

REQUIRED: A Bike and Trainer

If you would like to use the cycling workouts in the app, you're going to need an indoor cycling trainer.  There are many different indoor training setups that will work with the app.  Check out What type of trainer can I use with the SYSTM app? for detailed information about each type and the hardware/equipment requirements for each.  


OPTIONAL: Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensor

Heart rate and cadence data will enhance your workout experience.  Ensure that any sensors are compatible with your computer/device.  See Connect your Sensors for compatibility and setup instructions.  


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