The Perceived Exertion Scale: Training with SYSTM using RPE

Training can be effectively completed using the Perceived Exertion Scale when a power reading isn't available.  Perceived Exertion is an estimate of your workout intensity.  It's a personal way to gauge how much effort you're putting out, based on how you feel. 



* This chart is a multisport chart.  cFTP = cycling FTP, RTP = Running Threshold Pace, STP = Swimming Threshold pace.  See Running RPE, RTP and RTHR and Swim RPE and STP for information on how to calculate these values.  


The Perceived Exertion Scale sets the foundation for how hard you should be working on a scale of 1 to 10, based on RPE (recommended perceived exertion). It’s very important you understand how the RPE Scale works.

SYSTM workouts will have a variety of efforts, some at peak intensity, while others at or below your threshold.  Knowing what each of these values on the RPE scale feels like will help you manage your energy to complete the workout and keep the workout's intention. 


Seeing it on the Screen

The workout display can be modified so that you are getting only the metrics and fields that you need.  Removing fields that don't have any data can also remove distractions and help you focus on what you need to see to get the most out of your efforts.

Depending on what sensors you have that might connect, you can choose which metrics you would like to see:  heart rate and RPE? This is what you'll get!  Note the 3/10 on the screen during the warm-up. Easy effort, just get those pedals spinning and get started.  


Do you have a cadence sensor that connects?  Perfect!  You can add that also!


The workout graph is based on the power profile in the workout but will be helpful in predicting the workout effort.  Remember that the thin line near the top of the graph represents threshold.  Riding just below that should feel hard, but sustainable for a long effort.  The line sits at about a 7.5/10 effort on the RPE scale.  Here, you can see 7/10 is right below threshold:


Some sprints will be 9/10


While others will be 10/10, where you will be giving it everything you've got! 



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