Troubleshooting Sharing to 3rd Party apps.

You can configure SYSTM to automatically share your workout data to 3rd party apps such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, Final Surge and Today's Plan.  For instructions to set this up, see: Authorizing 3rd Party Apps.

If your app is properly configured, but your workout data isn't sharing, check the following.  Please note that 3rd party apps will reject duplicate files so attempting to re-share the same file over and over again will not correct the issue.  


Internet Connection

If your workout was done offline, the data will be saved locally, on your device. The workout on your calendar will appear as "sync pending".  You will need to be in a wifi area or connected to the internet for the data to be uploaded from your device to the server so that it can be shared with other apps/platforms.  Once connected to the internet, the upload to the server should happen automatically. If this does not share your workout to your preferred 3rd party apps, try the following:

1- select the completed workout from the calendar and tap the Edit button. 

2- add a note and save.  This changes the file so that it is not a duplicate.  However, some services will still flag duplicate content from different files. 

3- log out of the app and log back in again

The 3rd step may not be necessary.  


Missing workout in the calendar

If an error occurred while saving your workout, it may not appear in the calendar as complete.  Close the app completely and then relaunch it.  This may recover the file.  You can then proceed to share it manually if it does not share automatically.

Note that there are occasions where a file does not save properly and cannot be recovered.  To prevent this from happening, ensure that you have enough storage space on your device, that you are either completely offline (turn off wifi) or that you are in a good wifi zone before saving the workout file.  While the app is capable of recovering files in the event of a crash, there are some situations where, regrettably, we cannot recover the file.  

Authentication isn't valid

Disconnect sharing privileges to the 3rd party app and then re-connect.  Sometimes access tokens get revoked and this needs to be re-established.  See Authorizing 3rd Party Apps for full instructions.  

Check with the service you're trying to connect with

There may be server outages on the platform you're trying to connect with.  

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