Trainer resistance is too low

While in ERG mode, the smart trainer will do everything possible to keep the workout power target. A smart trainer's resistance is affected by flywheel speed and the power target in the app.  When one changes, the resistance will change to compensate. Here are a few troubleshooting steps to see if the cause of the decreased resistance can be determined. 

Is your cadence too high? 

Increasing your cadence, or shifting gears to try to reach the power targets can lead the trainer to be unable to apply the correct resistance.  For more information, please see A Guide to using ERG mode.

Are your 4DP target numbers too low? 

Occasionally, the initial 4DP settings assigned by the app may be too low.  Please try adjusting the workout intensity to see if this resolves the issue.  (we recommend setting the FTP at about 150 watts to test this out).  If this resolves your issue, you should do one of the fitness assessments to get more accurate 4DP target numbers. 

Is your trainer properly connected? 

If the solutions above do not resolve the issue, please check your trainer connections:  Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool)

Be sure to check that your trainer's firmware is up to date.  We recommend testing your trainer in its parent app to ensure that it is functioning properly. 


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