I can't seem to match both Power and Cadence using Virtual Watts

When using Virtual Watts on a classic (non-smart) trainer, the rider will need to match both cadence and power to the on-screen targets by shifting gears (or adjusting tension, in the case of a stationary bike).  It can take a bit of time to master this skill, but eventually, you'll know exactly what gear you need to be in to meet the targets on the screen. There are a few scenarios where there may be extra steps that need to be taken for this to happen.

Incorrect 4DP estimates

The 4DP estimates given when you create an account can be inaccurate when compared to Virtual Watts.  We recommend doing one of the fitness assessments to get numbers that are calibrated to your trainer. 

Inaccurate Power Curve

Choosing the best power curve for your trainer will ensure that the reported power is as accurate as possible.  In the case of the Generic curves, they may or may not work with trainers that aren't supported directly in the app. 

Inaccurate Speed reported

Virtual Watts are calculated based on speed from a speed sensor.  Ensure that your speed sensor is properly set up and that wheel size is correctly selected in both the SYSTM app and the sensor's native application (if applicable).  Check the manufacturer's instructions for wheel size setup.


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