My KICKR Climb isn't working with the app

Instructions for setting up the KICKR Climb can be found here.  Check that your setup is correct before checking the common issues found here. 

Does the workout you've chosen support the use of gradients? 

Workouts that are compatible with Kickr Climb and Kickr Bike Gradient function.

Is the KICKR Climb unlocked? 

The KICKR Climb can be controlled by the SYSTM app in unlocked mode.  For more information about the different modes:  The Wahoo KICKR Climb support pages.

NOTE: The KICKR CLIMB always starts and wakes in locked (AKA manual control) mode to prevent it from moving unexpectedly. Tap the center lock button on the KICKR CLIMB to enable unlocked mode (indicated by the remote's blue LED moving from the locked side to the unlocked side) for control through the SYSTM app.

Is the KICKR in ERG mode? 

Note that the KICKR Climb will work differently in ERG mode than in Level mode: 

Erg Mode:  The Climb will raise and lower based on the gradients that we have in the workouts.

Level Mode: Each of the levels in Level Mode is tied to a certain gradient.  What this means for the Climb is that if you are in Level Mode the Climb will rise to that level's assigned gradient number and remain there unless you switch to another level.


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