Trainer resistance is too high or the trainer locks up

While in ERG mode, the smart trainer will do everything possible to keep the workout power target. A smart trainer's resistance is affected by flywheel speed and the power target in the app.  When one changes, the resistance will change to compensate. Here are a few troubleshooting steps to see if the cause of the increased resistance can be determined. 

Has your cadence rate decreased? 

A decrease in cadence will cause the resistance to increase (this is a normal response in ERG).  If you're struggling to keep the prescribed cadence and the resistance seems to be too much, consider decreasing the intensity of your workout

Are these new 4DP numbers?

If you are struggling to keep the power and cadence targets on new test result numbers, consider decreasing the intensity of your workout.  

Is your trainer locking up? 

ERG mode lockdown can happen in situations where the power targets are too high or when there is trainer control interference.  To eliminate trainer interference, consider the following:

- power off any other apps or devices that connect to your trainer.  This includes any cycling computers and smartwatches. 

- unplug your trainer for 2 minutes, reboot the SYSTM app, then reconnect the trainer. 


For more information and tips for using ERG mode, please see A Guide to using ERG mode


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