Wattbike Atom- My shifters aren't shifting

Connecting the Atom in LEVEL/GEARS mode (e.g., you control the Atom resistance)

  1. Open the Wattbike HUB App, choose 'Known Wattbikes,' and select your Wattbike.                                Wattbike_Atom_Shifters_image_2.png
  2. Choose the 'Show advanced settings' button                                                                                                  Wattbike_atom_shifters_image_3.png
  3. Choose 'Pair' to assign the Left and Right shifters                                                                                             Screen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.36.44_PM.png
  4. Completely close the HUB app.... see the Note below
  5. Open the SYSTM app and follow the steps in the Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool) help article
  6. Choose Level mode (You need to select Level mode as the gears will not work in Erg mode)
  7. Once the workout has started you can change gears with your shift buttons.  

Running the Wattbike Hub and SYSTM at the same time

The Wattbike Hub and SYSTM can only be run at the same time if you are connecting the Wattbike to SYSTM using ANT+ on a desktop or laptop computer.  To use an iOS device, you will require 2 devices- one for the Wattbike Hub app and one for SYSTM.  You will also require an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge to connect your Wattbike to SYSTM.  The experience may not be great, so we don't recommend doing this.  

In order to connect the Wattbike to SYSTM using Bluetooth, you will need to ensure that the Wattbike Hub app is completely shut down.


After Wattbike's recent firmware update my shifters no longer work 

  • Follow the shifter pairing instructions above
  • Completely close Wattbike's app once you are done pairing the shifters
  • Open SYSTM
  • Connect the Atom in the device connections menu
  • Switch to Level mode and test the shifters in the workout (remember that the SYSTM app won't display which gear you are in but you should feel a change in resistance)
    • If they still don't work:
  • Restart your device
  • Re-open SYSTM app and try another workout.  The device restart step has been the key in getting everything to initialize so far

For more help and information, please see the Wattbike support center.  

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