My Bluetooth sensor signal keeps dropping

Bluetooth connections between sensors and the app are fast and reliable provided that the connection is without interference.  There are several sources of known Bluetooth interference that you should try to eliminate if you're experiencing Bluetooth signal drops.


Wifi Router

Move away from, or turn off your Wifi Router.  Most routers send out a 2.4GHz signal, which is the same wavelength used in Bluetooth connections.  Multiple signal waves through an area can cause the signal transmission to fall away.  A distance of 15-20 feet and a divider wall should help.  When that is not sufficient, using downloaded videos, rather than streaming, will allow you to complete your workout without interference if you power off your router. 


Other Common Culprits

Other sources of Bluetooth interference that you should power off (when possible) or move away from, include (but are not limited to):

  • Bluetooth speakers and headphones
  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • Microwaves,
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Other Bluetooth devices
  • Large electric appliances or industrial fans.


Physical Barriers

Remove any barriers between your sensors and the device you're connecting to.  Barrier materials can include brick, concrete or metal.  Having your device on a metal desk might be problematic. 


Weak Signal

Change the sensor batteries to improve the quality of the Bluetooth signal it emits.  Power cycling a trainer (unplugging it, then plugging it back in after a minute) can also be helpful when your trainer is failing to connect. 



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