Bluetooth is OFF



If Bluetooth is showing as OFF in the SYSTM app on Android, check that Bluetooth is ON in your Connection Preferences, under the device settings. 

You will need to allow the app to use Location in order for Bluetooth to be able to find and connect to your devices.  If you don't see this screen, you can set your location permissions in your device settings.  



If Bluetooth is showing as OFF in the app, there are few places you need to check:

Click on the Settings icon on your homescreen. 



Then Select Bluetooth.  Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on here.


Then, scroll down to through the settings menu to find the SYSTM app settings:


Turn on Bluetooth permissions here:




Open System Preferences and select Bluetooth and ensure that Bluetooth is ON.



Update your Security and Privacy settings to allow Bluetooth to access certain apps.  If SYSTM does not appear in the list, select the + below to add the app, then check the box to allow Bluetooth access for the app.  


If Bluetooth continues to appear as OFF in the SYSTM app, and your computer meets the minimum Bluetooth requirements for SYSTM, please delete the app and then reinstall.  If this does not resolve the issue, you will need to use ANT+ to connect to the app. 



Open the Bluetooth Devices panel and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.  (Do not add your Bluetooth sensors or devices through this interface.  They must connect through the SYSTM app). 


If Bluetooth continues to show as OFF in the SYSTM app, you can try the following:

1- check for Windows updates for your computer:

2- try manually updating your Bluetooth driver in the Device Manager:



If these solutions do not resolve the issue and Bluetooth remains off, you will need to use ANT+ to connect to the app. 







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