Music Control Feature for RIVAL



Controlling Music

When connected to the ELEMNT Companion App via Bluetooth, RIVAL can control audio playing on your phone or tablet using a new page which is displayed automatically on RIVAL once initiated in an app on the phone or tablet.

  1. When you start playing audio from your phone or tablet from any app that can be controlled from the lock screen, a new page automatically appears on RIVAL, as shown below. Simply scroll to the new page using the Perfect View Zoom buttons (bottom buttons, by default).

    RIVAL_iOS_Perfect_Zoom_Buttons.png RIVAL_Music_Controls.png


  2. While on this page, music controls are displayed near the buttons that activate them along with the app name, artist, track title, and time bar.
  3. Pressing both Perfect View Zoom buttons simultaneously (bottom buttons, by default) on this page opens volume controls:

  4. Press the bottom left button to return to the audio control page when finished.

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