Installing the New KICKR/CORE 142 Thru Axle Adapters

Revised KICKR/CORE 142 Adapters

Late in 2020, several bicycle manufacturers updated the frames on select bike models, making them incompatible with KICKR 2017 through KICKR v5 and all versions of KICKR CORE. Working closely with these bicycle manufacturers, Wahoo developed a new set of adapters allowing compatibility with affected bicycles and the above Wahoo trainers, with the exception of KICKR '17 (new adapters below are not compatible with KICKR '17).

Bikes Affected:

  • 2021+ Trek Emonda
  • 2021 Trek Checkpoint Carbon
  • 2021 Trek Top Fuel
  • 2020+ Trek Domane & Madone
  • 2021+ Giant TCR Disc Models
  • 2021 Rondo Ruut AL2
  • Lauf True Grit
  • All Cervelo Disc Frame

Updated thru axle adapters are available for purchase on our website at

Note: Please retain legacy adapters for future use with 148mm thru axle and QR bikes. 




  • Part 4 replaces the original non-drive side KICKR 142/148 adapter (Part 1)
  • Part 5 or Part 6 replaces the original lock nut (Part 2)
    • Part 5 (longer) fits the stock KICKR/Shimano/Campagnolo style freehub body
    • Part 6 (shorter) fits the SRAM XDR compatible KICKR freehub body
  • Part 7 replaces the original drive side spin cap (Part 3)

Tools required

  • Cassette lockring tool

  • Chain Whip

  • 14mm cone wrench

  • 17mm cone wrench



  1. Remove existing drive side adapter

  2. Remove existing non-drive side adapter

  3. Remove the cassette (instructions here)

  4. Remove existing axle nut

  5. Install new axle nut

  6. Reinstall the cassette

  7. Install new drive side thru axle adapter

  8. Install new 142 non-drive side adapter


Disclaimer Concerning KICKR Compatibility:  Because of the wide variety of bicycle makes and models available, Wahoo cannot guarantee KICKR's compatibility with all bikes.  While Wahoo has conducted tests on KICKR compatibility with certain bikes and makes note of any "Known Incompatible Bikes" on its website, it is important to note that list is not exhaustive. It is the KICKR end user that is ultimately responsible for ensuring that his or her bike frame is compatible with the KICKR such that damage to the bike frame does not result from using the trainer.  If potential purchasers are unsure whether their bike would be compatible, Wahoo recommends visiting a local Wahoo retailer to test a bicycle’s fit before purchasing.  See