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Lap Swimming Auto Intervals Issues

Lap Swimming Auto Intervals Issues

If you're having issues with Lap Swimming Auto Intervals, check the following:

  • Be aware that auto intervals generally have a delay of 5-15 seconds
  • Note that Lap Swimming Auto Intervals only work for freestyle
  • Short rest periods will not be recorded
  • Kick/Drill mode is not currently supported (auto intervals are only detected if your arm is moving)
  • Manual Lapping is still possible even if auto intervals have been turned off


Editing Lap Swimming

  • In the ELEMNT App after a workout is completed, you can edit workouts in the History tab before uploading to third-party applications
  • Unedited/unconfirmed workouts will not upload automatically
  • Interval lengths can be edited
  • Lengths can be split/merged
  • The ability to edit rests is currently unavailable but is coming in future updates