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ELEMNT RIVAL Data Accuracy Issues

ELEMNT RIVAL uses GPS, a barometric altimeter, and temperature sensors among others to calculate and record ride data. Since all sensors have limitations which can affect accuracy and consistency, familiarity with these limitations helps ensure the best accuracy on your ride.


GPS and Speed Data

Many ELEMNT RIVAL features depend on good GPS data to track location, speed, and progress. Speed is calculated using GPS data by default, but a standalone speed sensor can be paired to override GPS data and improve accuracy - especially when GPS data is affected by the factors described below.


GPS also works best on ELEMNT RIVAL when connected to the ELEMNT App. Always ensure RIVAL is paired to the ELEMNT App and that the watch face's outer ring is green before starting a workout for best results. Additionally, be sure to check that the active workout profile has GPS enabled in the ELEMNT App.


If you're continuing to have issues with GPS, please be aware that GPS requires line of sight to the sky to work properly and can be hampered or obstructed by:

  • Dense tree or cloud cover (especially in or near storms)
  • Buildings
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Land forms like mountains and cliffs
  • Electrical interference from solar flares or electronics like bike lights or cameras
  • Or other large objects

Additional factors that can affect GPS data are described in Bicycling.com's article How Your GPS Lies to You.

Note: Not all services calculate (and/or correct) GPS and elevation data equally, even with the same ride data. Displayed data may differ when analyzed by third party services.


Grade/Elevation Data

Since barometric altimeter accuracy is related to the physical size of the sensor and dependent on stable atmospheric pressures, hand-held altimeter accuracy is inherently limited and subject to changing weather patterns. Because of this, many third party apps like Training Peaks and Strava use GPS data to correct recorded elevation.

  • For the best elevation data, wait for your ELEMNT RIVAL to acquire a strong GPS signal prior to starting a ride.
  • Not all services calculate (and/or correct) GPS and elevation data equally, even with the same ride data. Displayed data may differ when analyzed by third party services.
  • Pairing a speed sensor like the Wahoo Blue SC or RPM Speed sensor to your ELEMNT RIVAL will generally help to correct GPS inaccuracies and improve grade data.

For additional information on grade and elevation data, please see the full article on Ride Data Elevation Differences


Heart Rate Data

Heart rate data can be affected by a variety of factors, including the following:

    • Check Tightness - Watches that are too tight can alter readings by restricting blood flow, but watches which are too loose can move and interrupt HR data as well. RIVAL should be worn snugly enough for it to be difficult to slide a finger between the band and your wrist, but loosely enough not to be uncomfortable and restrict blood flow.
    • Check Position on Wrist - ELEMNT RIVAL should be worn slightly higher on the forearm than a typical watch for best results. HR readings at the wrist joint will not be as accurate as readings taken from higher on the forearm.
    • Wait for Good HR Data - Ensure HR data is being recorded by checking the data field on the watch face before starting a workout for best results.
    • Use Only One HR Data Source - Make sure you're not connected to and using another HR strap while using ELEMNT RIVAL.


Temperature Data

ELEMNT RIVAL temperature measurements are designed to be accurate in normal riding conditions, but occasionally differ from true ambient temperatures when affected by the following factors:

  • Sudden changes in ambient temperature take time to affect the sensor
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can warm the device in excess of ambient temperature
  • Charging (typically with an external battery) can cause additional warming

If you're experiencing unexpected negative or extremely high reported temperatures, this may indicate a hardware issue. Please continue below to open a ticket with our support team who will be happy to help get you back on track.


Calorie Data

ELEMNT RIVAL's calorie burn calculations are based heavily on factors like gender, weight, and heart rate. Check your user profile settings in the ELEMNT App to ensure your personal data is properly set and fully complete