Which Wahoo products offer Multiperipheral Bluetooth connections?

What are Multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections?

Wahoo Multi-peripheral Bluetooth® capable trainers and sensors can connect to up to 3 devices at once.  Note, this means up to three separate devices (or apps on separate devices.  Only one app can be used per device at a time.) 

For controllable devices (ie smart trainers), while this means that you can connect the trainer to more than app or device over Bluetooth® at a time, only one app or device should be set to control the trainer at a time.

For example, you can control a smart trainer in Zwift on an AppleTV while also recording that ride in passive mode in the Wahoo app on your smart phone.  Only passive mode can be used in the Wahoo app, however, or the trainer will receive conflicting commands from the two controlling apps/devices.

When experiencing connection or resistance issues or are troubleshooting any issue, we recommend only connecting to a single Bluetooth® device at a time to limit the potential for interference and conflicts with residual connections of which you may or may not be aware.

Returning to the Zwift + Wahoo app example, you can control the smart trainer in Zwift while also recording that workout in passive mode in the Wahoo app. However, to ensure that the Wahoo app is not interfering with the trainer's connection, we would suggest force closing the Wahoo app (and possibly turning off your phone) while Zwift is controlling your trainer. 

Which Wahoo products offer multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections?

The following Wahoo products support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections:

  • Controllable smart trainers/bikes
    • KICKR, version 4 (2018) on firmware v3.4.69 or newer, and later KICKR versions
    • KICKR CORE on firmware v1.0.11 or newer
  • Controllable smart trainer accessories
  • Read-only sensors
    • TICKR and TICKR X version 2 (2020) models (more more details here)
    • POWRLINK Zero pedals

What if my Wahoo Product does not support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections?

Wahoo products not listed above do not support multiperipheral Bluetooth connections. Instead, they are limited to a single Bluetooth® connection at a time, but (in most cases) can also transmit data simultaneously over ANT+, where that connection protocol is supported by the controlling device (phone, tablet, desktop/laptop computer, or cycling computer).

On products which do not support multiperipheral Bluetooth connections, it's even more important to formally disconnect from and/or turn off previously connected Bluetooth devices before attempting a new connection to prevent the first Bluetooth® device from capturing the connection and/or causing signal interference.


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