Which Wahoo Products Support Multiperipheral Bluetooth Connections?

What is Multiperipheral Bluetooth® Connection support?

Multiperipheral Bluetooth® Connection support allows your device to connect to up to 3 devices at once over Bluetooth®. This means that you can connect one device (like your new TICKR) to your phone, smart fan, and bike computer (or any other 3 devices) over Bluetooth® at the same time, if desired.


However, Wahoo always recommends only connecting to a single Bluetooth® device at a time where possible to limit the potential for interference and conflicts with residual connections you may or may not be aware of at a later time (ex. pairing with an iPad + smart fan one day, then attempting to pair with phone + bike computer the next may be difficult if the iPad and fan remain on).



Which Wahoo Products support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections?

The following Wahoo products support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections:

  • KICKR ' 18 (on firmware v3.4.69 or newer) (identify your version here)
  • KICKR CORE (on firmware v1.0.11 or newer)
  • New TICKR and TICKR X (see details here)



What if my Wahoo Product does not support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections?

Wahoo products not listed above do not support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections. Instead, they are limited to a single Bluetooth® connection at a time, but (in most cases) can also transmit data simultaneously over ANT+, where supported.


On products which do not support multiperipheral Bluetooth® connections, it's even more important to disconnect from previously connected Bluetooth® devices before attempting a new connection to prevent those Bluetooth® devices from capturing the connection and/or causing interference.