ELEMNT companion app Bluetooth connection reset (iOS)

If you experience an error message indicating that your ELEMNT is not able to connect to your iOS device, please follow the steps below to completely unpair and re-pair the ELEMNT with the phone. These steps are the same for all ELEMNT computers (ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM).


Step 1: Forget the ELEMNT in the ELEMNT app

  • Open the ELEMNT app on your iPhone
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Unpair ELEMNT



Step 2: Forget the phone on the ELEMNT

  • Power on the ELEMNT
  • Press the power button to bring up the menu
  • Scroll down to select FORGET PHONE



Step 3: Forgetting the ELEMNT in your phone's Bluetooth settings

  • Open the iOS settings app
  • Select Bluetooth

  • Under my devices, find the ELEMNT and select the info button on the right

  • Select Forget This Device

  • Repeat these steps for any duplicate listings of the device
  • Important: Toggle the Bluetooth switch at the top of the screen off for 10 seconds, then back on


Step 4: Re-pairing the ELEMNT to your phone

  • Quickly press the left-side button on your ELEMNT to display the menu
  • Scroll (with the right-side buttons) to either PAIR PHONE or FORGET PHONE
  • Your device may reboot, displaying the QR code when it powers back on
  • If the QR code does not immediately display on reboot, return to the settings menu on the ELEMNT and select PAIR PHONE - the QR code should now be shown
  • Return to the ELEMNT App on your iPhone, then navigate to the Settings tab to add and re-pair the ELEMNT


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