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Everything You Need to Know About ELEMNT LEV Integration

What is ANT+ LEV compatibility?

- LEV stands for Light Electric Vehicle, and ANT+ LEV allows specific GIANT and Specialized E-Bikes with additional pairing capabilities to broadcast data to other devices over ANT+



Which ELEMNT versions are compatible?




Which E-Bikes are compatible?

- GIANT ANT+ LEV Compatibility:

  • From 2020 on all eMTB have ANT+ LEV connectivity (may require updated firmware)
  • All pre-2020 E-Bikes are not compatible.
  • Please check with the manufacturer to ensure ANT+ LEV compatibility on specific models.

- SPECIALIZED ANT+ LEV Compatibility:

  • All 2019 and 2020+ Turbo Bikes support ANT+ LEV.
  • Please check with the manufacturer to ensure ANT+ LEV compatibility on specific models.



What additional info is available when paired?

- Depending on your E-Bike, a variety of information is displayable on the ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM while riding including:

  • Current speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Remaining battery life and range
  • Current assistive power and mode information
  • Charge Cycle Count
  • Reported errors... and more!


Additionally, after the ride, Specialized E-Bikes also provide:

  • Total Consumption
  • Average Support Level



How do I use LEV integration with my ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM?

- Simply ensure your ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM is up-to-date, then pair your compatible E-Bike through the ELEMNT itself (instructions here) to receive a prompt to display additional LEV data fields (pairing is also possible via the ELEMNT app on your phone, but you'll need to add the data fields manually).




Are there any sample images of ANT+ LEV integration in action on the ELEMNT?

- Specialized: