Do I need to spindown / Calibrate KICKR BIKE? [FAQ]

Unlike Wahoo Smart Trainers, KICKR BIKE calculates power through the voltage and torque applied to its advanced motor, negating the need for additional calibration. In order to ensure a real-world power accuracy of < 1%, each KICKR BIKE motor is individually tested, calibrated, and verified at the factory.


If you're seeing different numbers on a power meter than are reported by KICKR BIKE, please be aware that no two power meters always give exactly the same reading. Additionally, note that multiple identical, simultaneously broadcasting power meters measuring the same power source have been shown to report different power numbers during the same workout.


Some factors responsible for these different reported numbers include:

  • Packet loss and wireless interference
  • Power meter installation location (since KICKR BIKE measures power at the hub, it is subject to further drive train inefficiencies than if measured at the crank or pedal, resulting in lower numbers)
  • Environmental factors like temperature and humidity
  • Differences during calibration
  • Battery life
  • Leg imbalances

Lastly, it's important to remember that trainer power accuracy tolerances combine with power meter tolerances. This means that when KICKR BIKE is rated to +/- 1% accuracy and your power meter is rated to +/- 3%, the total combined accuracy tolerance will be +/- 4% at any given time.


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