Return Disassembly and Packing [KICKR BIKE]

Required Tools:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5mm Allen Key (Hex Key)
  • Wire Cutters or Scissors (to cut zip ties)
  • Pedal wrench or appropriately sized Allen Key for pedal removal
  • Specialized KICKR BIKE shipping boxes (x2) (provided by Wahoo Support)


Estimated Disassembly + Packaging Time:

  • 15 to 30 minutes



  1. Begin by zeroing the KICKR BIKE's tilt to the level position by double tapping the tilt button, shown below.

  2. Next, disconnect the power adapter (if you haven't already) and remove the pedals, handlebar, and seat post assemblies.


  3. Extend the setback adjustment (where the seat post was just removed) to its longest position.

  4. Lower the stand over adjustment to its shortest level (A).

  5. Remove the plug under the setback adjustment. While this can often be done by just pulling, a flat head screwdriver or similar may be needed to pry.

  6. Cut any zip ties holding the wires together or to the plug. Be careful to avoid cutting the wires or letting them fall back into the unit. We advise placing a screwdriver, pen, or even a finger between the two wires as a further precaution against this.

  7. Separate the wires at their connection from the wider end by pressing on the tab near the wires. Do not try to separate these wires at the narrower end - see the image below for details.


  8. Push the lower wire back into the unit to ensure it does not catch when removed.

  9. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the bottom-most front screw located in the recession in the plastic just above the crank, as pictured below.

  10. Remove the KICKR BIKE's upper assembly in its entirety, now that it's free.

  11. After removing the upper assembly, shorten and clamp all adjustment points for shipping and tuck all wires into the frame to prevent damage.

  12. Tilt KICKR BIKE back for easy access to the 5mm Allen Key (Hex Key) screws underneath.

  13. Remove the 5mm screws retaining the unit's right side leg (shown on the bottom left in the image below).

  14. Once the screws for the right side leg are removed, take the larger piece of foam out of the smaller shipping box and lay it near the unit's right side. Then, detach the unit's right side leg and carefully lay the unit on the foam on its right side before removing the last remaining 8 screws, as shown below.


  15. Once the unit is on the box and the remaining screws have been removed, detach the left leg, then the front leg from the unit to complete disassembly.

  16. With all legs removed, turn the crank so that the left side points directly upwards toward the seat post to allow the lower portion of the KICKR BIKE to fit neatly in the box, as pictured. Place the power block in this box as well in the central hollow near the tilt mechanism. When complete, place the narrower piece of foam on top with the circular cutout over the flywheel and pack back into the smaller shipping box.

  17. Remove the foam from the larger shipping box and place the larger foam piece on the ground.
  • Place the seat and seat post in the lowest portion of the triangular cutout.
  • With all adjustment points shortened and clamped down, place the upper assembly in the remaining section of the triangular cutout on top of the seat and seat post.
  • The 2 smaller leg pieces fit in the lower portion of the long cutout, with the center leg on top.
  • Loosen (but do not remove) the 4 bolts on the handlebar assembly so that the handlebar stem swings freely. The handlebar assembly will fit snugly into the "E" shaped cutout, as pictured.
  • Place the thinner piece of foam back on top when complete and pack back into the larger shipping box.

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