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Using a Pioneer Power Meter with the ELEMNT or BOLT


*In Private ANT mode, Pioneer Power Meters may only be woken with properly installed magnets. If a Pioneer Power Meter sleeps in Private ANT mode without magnets installed, simply remove and re-insert the battery to wake the unit, then use the instructions below to return to normal ANT mode for standard power meter functionality. Normal ANT mode does not require magnets and enables wake-on-move, but disables the calibration, zero, and advanced metrics described below.  



Setup Instructions:

  1. Once a Pioneer Power Meter is installed with all included magnets, follow these steps to connect to ELEMNT/BOLT like any other sensor or power meter.

  2. Within the ELEMNT/BOLT menu (accessed via the left-side button), select the Pioneer Power Meter under SENSORS, then press MORE using the bottom right button to access additional settings.

  3. If this is your first time pairing, you'll need to calibrate the unit for accurate pedal monitoring metrics. Note that calibration requires the Pioneer Power Meter to be in Private ANT mode (can be switched using the MODE SWITCH option, shown below). Scroll to select MAGNET CALIBRATION to calibrate by pedaling forward very slowly (one full pedal stroke roughly every 30 seconds) - note that it may take 2 or more rotations for the initial pass to register. A green light will appear on the power meter when a successful pass has been performed.

    If the ELEMNT/BOLT exits magnet calibration before completing all 5 passes, restart both the power meter (by removing the battery for 10 seconds) and ELEMNT/BOLT and try again.

  4. Now that your power meter is calibrated, be sure to also set the zero by turning the pedals to a level/horizontal position and selecting MANUAL ZERO from the menu. When complete, press the left side button to exit the menu, then page to the newly added pedaling monitor system page to view advanced metrics, like shown below.

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